Introducing Removable Batteries

Simply leave a spare battery at home, at the office, or bring one with you in your backpack – running out of charge has become a thing of the past.

Adult electric scooter uk

Anti-Puncture Tyres

The Model-T utilises vacuum-sealed tyres, providing all the comfort of
air filled tyres, without the hassle of getting a puncture.

LED Scooter Front Side
LED Scooter Front Side

With Zero-Effort Riding

Press and hold the acceleration for 10 seconds, and cruise control kicks
in. Transporting you to your destination with zero effort.

Sustainable Energy

The Model-T regenerative braking system ensures any surplus kinetic
energy is restored back into the battery.

LED Scooter Back Side
LED Scooter Handle

Safety-First Lighting

The Model-T deploys a 6-metre ultra-beam LED lighting system to ensure
that you are always seen, from the from the front or behind.


Repairs On-Demand


 Tap a button

….it really is that easy.


 Tell us what’s up

Explain your problem to our
repairs and maintenance team.


 Take a break

Sit back and relax whilst we
get you back on the road!


We’ve Got You Covered


Here’s what our customers say…

  • I am having a lot of fun with it

    I am having a lot of fun with it. Elka are great to deal with.
    Sau Yee Au Yeung

    I am having a lot of fun with it
  • Bought this based on an online review…

    23 Sep 2019

    Bought this based on an online review and have been using it for my last mile to work. Its swift on flat
    surfaces and will get up hills, although does slow down slightly.’ sometimes take my partner on it atthe
    same time on holiday, so weight is not an issue.

    High quality build, headlight is even bright enough when it gets dark. For the money, its pretty incredible..

    Bought this based on an online review
  • Great product – great service

    Andy B                01-Oct-2019

    The scooter is well made and packaged. It rides really well and is very easy to use. The team are receptive to
    contact and have always been available for questions. In summary there are many different scooter options
    out there and they all have similar features available – EIka want to stand out with customer service and so
    are nailing their USP.

    Great product – great service
  • Absolutely fantastic scooters and…

    Assem               23 Sep 2019

    Absolutely fantastic scooters and incredible team. Super helpful! Sold my car because of it! The perfect
    solution for inner city transportation, quicker and more reliable than public transport.

    Absolutely fantastic scooters and

Pricing Plans

Order by 12:00pm for Next Day Tracked delivery anywhere in the UK


What you get:

Elka Model-T Electric Scooter

Access to On-Demand Repairs

12-Month Warranty



£445.00 Up-Front
You own it right away!

Rider Plan

What you get:

Elka Model-T Electric Scooter

2x Removable Battery

Access to On-Demand Repairs

12-Month Warranty

Free Spare Parts for Repairs

£1.65 Per Day (£50.30 per month)
You own it after 12 months!

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