Let’s face it, walking has its time and place. Perhaps it’s Christmas day with the family, you’ve been eating copious amounts of Christmas lunch, spirits are high and the mince pies are all gone. Or you’ve had a hectic week at work and you need to dash off to the countryside for a long old stroll with nature. In such instances, there is nothing better than using your wheels to blow off some steam (or mince pies).

However the world is changing, more things are demanding our attention, time and energy is more scarce and as a result, we seek convenience. Which is why it baffles us to see people choosing to walk over other methods of ‘micro-mobility’ in their day to day life. You know, if you cycled everywhere, every day, instead of walking, you’d have saved an average of six and a half years in time, imagine what you could do with that! But cycling is a hassle with unlocking and locking, sweating and consuming energy.

However, a new way is emerging … an electric powered way. This new wave of Personal Lightweight Electric Vehicles could be the solution we’ve all been looking for. Gone are the days when scooters were just for kids. With an adult electric scooter, you can go for 15km on a full charge (it takes around 4 hours to fully charge), ride it at up to 25 km/h (road legal speed in UK), but the best part? You can easily fold it up and pack it away either on a train, at home or in the office. Oh yeah, and it costs a penny a mile in electricity bills…

Leave us a comment below convincing us that this is not a revolution in Getting Around Locally and we’ll give you one for free ☺