In the past couple of years, hundreds of electric scooters for adults have come in to the UK market. Amazon’s now pretty saturated.. from the famous Xiaomi m365, to the sleek ninebot ES2, to the monstrous Condors, such a range of options can create a paradox of choice. We’re all familiar with this – it’s like ordering food from a 100 page menu… how can you possibly decide?

We’re here to help make this process a bit simpler, and help you to understand which adult electric scooter is best to suit your needs. Here’s a summary of things to think about:

  1. Purpose

We think the most important thing to keep in mind when electric scooter shopping is what you need it for! Are you a commuter, looking for a solution for your “last mile” problem? Or are you 72, looking for a quick ride to the bingo on monday evenings? It’s important to bear this in mind..

If you’re a commuter, folding up your scooter to take on the overground, you’ll need to prioritise weight. 15kg might not seem like a lot, but when you’re carrying it around train stations all day, it can get heavy.

Or perhaps you’re skipping out the overground entirely – in that case, you need to be conscious of your scooter’s range. Has it got the legs to get you to the office? The last thing you want is to run out of battery half way there!

N.B. most scooters are easily charged at the office – so you’ll usually just need the range for one leg of the journey.

Maybe you’re looking to purchase a scooter as a gift! In that case, think about what they’ll be needing it for.. You probably don’t want to be getting grandma a 40mph bullet scooter, but maybe that weird cousin of yours might like it? That’s for you to decide…

2. Important indicators

Great… you’re thinking… but how can I think about the purpose when I don’t understand the jargon? Brushless motors, regenerative technology, lithium batteries… it all seems a bit overwhelming.

Ultimately, we think the main indicators of importance in an adult electric scooter are the speed, range and weight. Focus on those as your main measurements, and leave the technicals for later. Industry standards are around 25kmph for a 25km range, at around a 12kg weight.

3. Extra specifications

Once you’re happy with the speed, range and weight, you might want to think about the motor power. The higher the number, (250W, 300W etc), the higher the torque – meaning your ability to accelerate and get up hills easily. If you live on a mountain side, you’ll be wanting a powerful motor so you don’t end up walking home!

Other than the motor power, there are a few useful gizmos to consider.

Does your electric scooter offer an app interface? Many in the industry do this, so you can track trip time, distance, remaining range etc. These are usually connected to pretty simply via bluetooth.

What about regenerative technology? This means that you’ll be saving power when you brake – more efficient for your transport needs, better for the environment. But it’s not critical to a good ride.

If you like to cruise effort-free, have a look to see if your electric scooter offers cruise control. (Note, “effort free”, not “hands free”!).


That’s a simple breakdown of how to choose an electric scooter that fits your needs in 2019.

If you’ve got any questions, on our scooters or any others on the market, you’re always free to drop us an email at

Enjoy the ride!