By booking the demo, you agree to the following conditions:

1. At the demo, we will take about 15 minutes prior to the ride to talk you through all the features of the scooter and answer any questions you may have; after the test ride, we are also happy to answer any further questions 🙂

2. The demo has a test ride component and Photo ID is required to take the scooter for a test ride.

3. Test rides typically last up to 30 min and the scooter can be tried by more than one person.

4. Test rides should be taken off public land as they are not currently legal on roads or pavements. Please walk with the scooter while on public land (e.g roads, pavements). The local partner will indicate where you can ride safely.

5. By agreeing to a test ride, you assume all risks involved in using an electric scooter.

6. All test riders must be a minimum of 18 years old.

7. The availability of a test ride is solely at the discretion of the local shop partner, so booking a demo does not guarantee a test ride.

8. You are fully liable for any damage done to the scooter during the demo, and will be charged the full retail price for any damage incurred; “you break it, you buy it”