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Have you recently sat in traffic, stuck in an Uber or driving to work across one of the UK’s major cities?

In 70% of those journeys, you’re wasting your time.

New research from traffic information supplier Inrix has shown that electric scooters would beat a car in 70% of journeys typically taken in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Sheffield.


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Researchers evaluated trillions of pieces of data from connected devices including cars, mobile phones and road sensors and found that more than two-thirds of car journeys in congested urban areas are less than three miles (4.8km).

With scooters averaging speeds of 12mph, cities could “reap significant benefits” with current traffic jams slowing transportation speeds to a crawl across the UK.

Manchester was identified to be the UK city which would stand to see its journey times reduced most.

But while cars are legal, electric scooters, still, are not. As we know, an almost 200 year old piece of legislation (the 1835 highway act) still prevents this new technology from being utilised in public areas – with many riders fined £300 and given court cases to boot.

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With many commuters looking for a better way to get to work – and growing sick of stressful morning jams on the tube and train, electric scooters for commuters are growing increasingly popular, despite crackdowns from the metropolitan police.

Transport minister Michael Ellis said earlier this summer: “We are examining whether they can be used safely on the road – and if so, how that should be regulated to ensure the public’s safety. However, companies must understand that reviewing laws does not necessarily mean laws will change.”

Report author and Inrix transportation analyst Trevor Reed warned that existing legislation and public awareness “does not do enough to encourage micromobility”.

He said: “The Government should review options to legalise e-scooters and assess the current opportunities to increase road safety for all users.

“We urge authorities to use more data-based decision making to ensure the smart deployment of these services.”

To be honest.. we’re inclined to agree!

Each year, inhaling particulates causes around 29,000 deaths in the UK, which, on recent evidence, may rise to around 40,000 deaths when also considering nitrogen dioxide exposure…

air pollution

One of the main causes for this? Internal combustion engines (fuel burning vehicles) on city streets. And how much air pollution is emitted by electric scooters we hear you ask? Well, none.

Let’s note even mention the thousands of environmental protests around the world (with even Russia joining the Paris climate agreement), while the planet grows hotter still…

At Elka we strongly believe in the power of emerging technologies to help tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues. Air pollution, climate change, mental health, before us lies a worryingly tall mountain to climb. But through sensible policy making, technological innovation and the collaboration between businesses, consumers and governments, there’s no reason why this daunting task cannot be accomplished.

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Legalising electric scooters in the UK is just a tiny change in the grand scheme of the world’s events, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Join our growing community as we band together to take action on stressful commutes and climate change!